What Are Sales Demo Environments? The Complete Guide

presales tools Oct 26, 2022
Sales Demo Environments Software

What are sales demo environments?

If you're in sales, you already know the importance of creating a sales demo environment that allows your audience to get to know your product.

When you're working in a SaaS industry, it can be tough to figure out how to allow your potential buyers to imagine all that you have to offer.

Sales demo environments allow you to showcase your SaaS product to your prospects in an engaging way. When you use a sales demo environment to help your potential customers see how your software can solve their pain points, you're providing a real life experience, where your potential buyers aren't just reading through key points–your software demo can actually get to imagine how your product solves their problems.

Whether you're new to learning about how to make a solid demo environment or you've been in the game of creating effective software demos for years, it's important that you stay on top of the latest sales demo tools so that your audience is getting all that your demo platform has to offer.

When you're providing a great demo environment for your prospects, you're offering a safe space where they can explore your product.

Interactive demos don't just streamline the sales process for you and your sales team, they also help your consumers build trust and confidence in both your sales team and in the demo process.

When your prospects see how simple it is to get to know what you have to offer by participating in the demo environment, they'll know that the days of spending hours on the phone, trying to understand exactly how a product can help them grow their business, are over.

Instead, they can depend on you and your team to be hard at work creating demos that let them see a test drive of your software in real time.

Here, we'll take a look at what you need to know about creating the demo experience that will help you and your sales reps produce the demo sessions that will show your prospects what you have to offer.

Why are sales demo environments important?

It's key that you and your sales organization take the time required to make SaaS product demos that allow your product to stand out from the crowd.

Sales isn't just about showing your prospects what you have to offer–you also need to develop a streamlined environment where your potential customers can see how the solution you offer quickly and simply solves a problem.

There are several reasons personalized demos can help boost your team's sales performance, including:

Stand out from the crowd

When you produce a demo environment where your prospects can comfortably engage with your product, you're making it clear–you and your sales team are trustworthy and there to answer all of the questions that come up during your sales demo. Interactive demos are the perfect way to show off your team's organization and product knowledge.

During a live sales demo, it's key that you and your sales engineers work to interact with your prospects. Excitedly responding to questions and showing off your product knowledge will help take your sales demos to the next level as you begin to develop a positive relationship with your potential customers.

Make it real

When you make a demo environment that allows your prospects to see all that your sales team has to offer, you're giving them a real-life glimpse into how your product can positively affect their business. It can be tough to describe how your product can solve a pain point for a business when the prospective customer doesn't get to see a real-life sales demo. It can be smart to talk with your prospects prior to having your sales engineers set up your sales demo environment, as you can work to create real-life solutions to the pain points your prospects are currently experiencing in their business and give them a solution within the sales demo experience that lets them see how your product can help them increase both efficiency and revenue.

Demo at scale

Your sales engineer team can work with you to help you show your prospects all that your product truly has to offer by showing them examples at the same scale as their business. You may want to think about uploading some of the prospective customer's data into your sales demo environment, allowing them to see names and terms with which they are familiar as you move them through your sales demo software.

Prior to the start of your sales demos with new prospects, talk with them about what your demo platform has to offer and ask them to provide you with some data so you and your sales team can create a product demo that provides a large-scale experience.

Give demos with confidence

It's clear that you and your sales engineers work together so that you fully understand what you'll be offering potential clients as you walk through the sales demo environment. When you can breeze through your product demo with comfort, you'll help build the trust that's necessary to take prospects from a demo environment to a purchase.

More engaging

It can be tough to draw potentials into your sales demos when you're not able to give them a full personalized demo of how your software can provide them with the help they need to move forward in their business.

Using virtual demo environments allows you to not just answer questions–rather, you can use your demo session to allow your sales teams to show your potential clients exactly how the product will function in their office, an important step in driving the sales process.


Using sales demo software allows you to move your potential customer through interactive data portions of the demo, where you're able to let them interact with the software and see whether it might be a good fit for their teams. You'll be able to coach your potential customer as they use the software, helping them to understand examples, test features that will help them in their business, and use the tools that will help them boost productivity.


Your engineering team will be able to set you and your sales rep partners up with new environments that allow you to show your prospects exactly what they need with a quick turnaround. Selling becomes simple when you have a fast, simple way to create examples that show your prospects exactly what they can expect from your software.


Lags, bugs, and other factors can all influence how well a product works, and offering interactive product experiences allows your potentials to see example after example of how well your software fits their data needs. Since this happens prior to the training process, you'll be able to develop demos that help your prospects get on board with the decision to purchase your software.

What can you do with the ideal sales demo environment?

Capture your solution

In your demo environment, you aren't just telling your potential clients about what you're offering–you're showing them how the tools you bring to the table can boost their organization.

Create a story for your prospect

Developing a story for your prospect allows you to use your sales demo software to walk potentials through exactly what your sales team can offer their business.

Personalize the product demo

Your engineering team can work with you to create a personalized demo environment for your potential clients, using the company's data to show them how your software can help them grow.

Measure your success with analytics

Critical demo analytics can show you data that explains whether what you're doing is working, and can help you find places where your demos need tweaking in order to drive sales.

Use the same tools to onboard new customers

You can use the same demos again and again to get similar clients onboard–just don't forget to swap in new personalized information for each new demo.

Sales Demo Environments Software


With a two-day turnaround time, the engineers at Demostack work with you to create a sales environment for your prospects that draws them in and keeps them engaged from the start to the end of your software demonstration.


Reprise demo software focuses on both the presale and sales portion of your sales funnel, allowing you to connect with clients and offer real-life examples of how your software can help them take their company to the next level.


Walnut offers a variety of options to allow you to show your prospects how your software can boost their business. With Walnut, you and your sales team can provide both personalized and interactive demos to your potential clients, allowing them to understand what it would be like to use your software as a regular part of their business.


Navattic allows you to create fully interactive sales environments for your potential customers. With Navattic, you can easily embed your sales demo into your website, making it simple for prospects to understand what you're offering and how it can help them succeed.


DemoEasel eliminates the technical difficulties that many sales reps experience when trying to give a sales demo. With DemoEasel, you can quickly create an environment that allows you to focus on your sales pitch, rather than on the technology.


Omedym makes your videos, demos, and PDFs searchable so buyers can easily find what they're searching for. You can give your buyer a personalized buying experience without needing to schedule a demo. This results in more sales with less work for you and your team.


With Saleo, you can quickly and easily create an impactful and data-driven sales demo, helping you win more business. You'll have complete control over every aspect of your software without needing any coding skills.

Demo Automation Software


Consensus demo automation software allows you to interactively offer recorded demos to your prospects and customers. With Consensus, you can provide a superior product experience on your website or email links to your intended audience. Consensus will also let you collect information from your audience beforehand to tailor the demo experience.


Demoboost offers clients interactive demos that help them understand exactly how your software will work with their business. You'll have the option to personalize your sales demo environment so that your prospects can take their time checking out the features that you're offering.

Live Sales Demo Software


This live sales demo platform runs on Chrome software and offers you the tools that you need to interact with your potential clients in real-time, helping them to understand your software. Demostory recognizes that the software offered through sales demos can be tedious and confusing, and works to create a simple, easy-to-use platform that creates a great experience for both your sales team and your potential clients.


Need to make some changes to your demo on the fly? Demobloxs has you covered. With this live demo platform, you'll have the chance to edit your demo based on the in-the-moment needs of your clients, allowing you to present with full confidence that you'll be able to handle whatever questions or issues your potential client brings your way.


You know that conversation is a key part of any successful demo process, and Gondola makes it easy for you to connect with your audience in real-time, allowing you to have the conversations that have the potential to drive sales forward.


When you or your engineering team are working to create a solid demo for a new client, you know that you need to spend the majority of your time getting your head in the game, not messing with demo software. Saleo's simple platform means that you can spend your time doing what matters most–becoming an expert on your product and getting to know your clients.

Key Takeaway

There are countless great options to consider when looking for a sales demo platform that will allow you to personalize your demos and connect with clients in real-time. Each one provides its unique set of features to help you create the best possible experience for your potential clients. Schedule a consultation with our team today to get a personalized recommendation for the best demo platform for your business.