Presales Leaders

Giving you and your team the training and guidance to become SIX HABITS CERTIFIED

Imagine you had a team of Presales professionals who...


  • Sought after by Sales; Revered by Customers
  • Respected by Colleagues; Recognized in the Industry
  • Always prioritized the TEAM over SELF
  • Put the interest of the CUSTOMER FIRST

Had Mastered the Art of DISCOVERY

  • Knew how to get prospects and customers to open up
  • Understood what questions to ask and how to ask them
  • Recognized the common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Exposed the unfiltered truth and sorted out the noise

PREPARED for meetings with Focus & Intention

  • Led with the customers' objectives not the product
  • Focused on value & outcomes over features & functions
  • Built stories making the customer the hero
  • Maximized return on time - did "more with less"

Made PRACTICE Harder than Game Time

  • Developed the discipline to practice with consistency
  • Did Demo Dry Runs with other team members 
  • Held themselves and others accountable
  • Knew how to give constructive feedback, respectfully

Confidently PERFORMED in the Moment

  • Spoke with confidence, professionalism, and style
  • Kept their audiences engaged - whether online or in-person
  • Navigated difficult situations; handled difficult people
  • Inspired decision makers to take action, closing more deals

Consistently Sought to PERFECT Their Craft

  • Consistently debriefed with sales for feedback
  • Made EVERY sales engagement a learning opportunity
  • Learned to accept and admit their mistakes
  • Looked for ways to make the TEAM better

How much more likely would they be to hit the number?

Ready to Level Up the TEAM?

  • Become viewed as Strategic Partners by Sales
  • Master the Art of Technical Discovery
  • Increase team Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Build & Deliver Demos that Emphasize Business Outcomes
  • Develop an MVD Mindset (Minimum Viable Demo)
  • Answer Questions with Conviction
  • Achieve the Technical Victory with Predictable Consistency
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What about Training for You and Your Managers?

Understand how to excite and inspire a team of top Presales professionals


  • Build a foundation of unwavering Trust
  • Create programs to meet the SE Hierarchy of Needs
  • Retain your top talent
  • Maximize SE ENGAGEMENT

Run Presales Like a Business

  • Understand the best metrics to measure for success
  • Know how to best support the sales team
  • Use data to inspire improved performance 
  • Quickly and easily adjust to meet changing business needs


  • Tap into hidden sources of Talent
  • Increase your team's competitiveness
  • Build a team of A Players
  • Make Diversity your secret weapon



  • Increase the value Presales provides the company
  • Gain capacity to deliver through collaboration
  • Challenge your top performers to deliver more
  • Have a voice in the direction and growth of the business

Fulfill Career Aspirations

  • Forge presales career paths
  • Bring out the best in your team
  • Be a leader in TALENT DEVELOPMENT
  • Connect with leadership across the company

Leadership Training for Individuals

We offer online training, membership roundtable discussions, and mastery programs for new and seasoned Presales leaders - ideal for individuals looking to develop their management skills and collaborate with other leaders.

Leadership Training for Teams

We offer leadership training programs for groups of five or more.  These instructor-led programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.  Programs are based on the Six Habits framework and ideal for fast growing organizations with new SE leaders.

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Planning Any Team Events?

Book Clubs & Team Meetings

Team reading The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers as a book club?  Might they like to meet with the author?

Presales Summits & Off-Sites

Planning a Presales Summit or Off-Site for the team?  Looking for a speaker?  We offer 1-hr, 2-hr, half-day & full-day sessions.

SKOs - In-Person & Virtual

Looking for a speaker at next year's kickoff to run a session for the Presales team or speak about the AE-SE Partnership?

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