DD Checkup 7: Sales is a Courtship

Sep 11, 2020

Welcome to your Weekly Check-Up with DemoDoctor!

In This Video:

I'm going to teach you how to treat your clients and prospects like you would treat your first date with someone.

If you're married or in a long term relationship or if you've ever been married or had a long term relationship which I hope is the case for all of you, I want you to think back to your first date.

Think back to the thoughts and feelings you had going into that first date. Think back to the way you behaved, the things you said, the things you did. Now think about the last date you had or maybe a date that you had after being married for 5 years or being in a relationship for 5 years with that same individual.

How did you behave differently?

How did you speak differently?

How did you think about the experience differently?

This is a great way to think about the difference between presales and post-sales.

One of my favorite sayings is that "sales is courtship." And if you've listened to any of my videos, you know that I believe that we are responsible for the technical win and that we have a technical role in the context of the sales engagement. I believe that we are in sales and that that is our fundamental role.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Courting Your Customers:

Is my behavior attracting or repelling them?

Are my words luring them in or pushing them away?

Am I engaging with them in a way that makes them want to continue the relationship with me?

Call to Action/What to Do Next Week:

Let's remember that it's our job to put our best foot forward and engage with our customers and prospects with class, with professionalism, with authenticity and respect.

Remember: People buy from people and the most effective sales engineers routinely develop healthy habits to consistently deliver winning demonstrations. See you next week!

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See you next week!