DD Checkup 6: The Difference Between Being Perfect and Striving for Perfection

Sep 04, 2020

Welcome to your Weekly Check-Up with DemoDoctor!

In This Video:

I will share with you the important difference between perfection and striving for perfection. Not knowing the difference can me detrimental to your growth and success and it's imperative that you know the difference. 

Questions to Ask Yourself About Perfection vs. Striving for Perfection:

Do you believe that you're perfect?

Do you believe that your software is perfect?

Do you believe that your demo is perfect?

What are you doing to reflect on your demos and to strive for perfection in your next demo?

Call to Action/What to Do Next Week:

Be easy on yourself. Don't expect perfection. Most reasonable people don't expect perfection. They don't want to buy from someone who isn't genuine. 

Every time you give a demonstration and you realize that you could have done something better or differently, be sure you're always striving for perfection.

Be sure that after a demo or sales engagement that you're always seeking to perfect your craft. Perfection is a destination that we're always striving to arrive to, but we never will.

Know that Mastery is seeking perfection, but always learning what you can do to get you closer to it. 

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Remember: People buy from people and the most effective sales engineers routinely develop healthy habits to consistently deliver winning demonstrations. See you next week!
See you next week!