DD Checkup 3: You Are In Sales If...

Aug 14, 2020

Welcome to your Weekly Check-Up with DemoDoctor! 

In This Video:

I'm sharing a short story of how I realized that regardless of what my "title" was, I was in sales and an important part of the sales process. I'll teach you the hard and fast truth that you are, in fact, in sales if you're doing demonstrations as part of the sales process in your company... no matter what your official title is.

Facts About Your Role and What It Means:

If you're in a demonstration role, regardless of your title, and regardless about how you might think about your role, if your responsibility is to give demonstrations to prospects and customers side-by-side with sales counterparts, in the context of the sales opportunity... YOU ARE IN SALES.


I am dedicated to helping those of us in this role to come to peace with what it means to be in sales and learn all the skills and habits of what it takes to be an effective Sales Engineer and strike that balance between technical expertise and sales acumen.

If you can't come to peace with that, you may not actually like this YouTube channel, but if you can come to peace with that and it resonates with you, I think you're going to find a great deal of content that's going to help you here. Let's all get our mindset straight: WE ARE IN SALES. We are part of the sales team and we are the technical advocates and technical experts that help close deals.

Call to Action/What to Do Next Week:

Reflect on what you do in your company and where you fit into the sales process in your company. If you're demonstrating the use of your technical product in front of prospects or customers, you're in sales and, therefore, you need to be developing healthy habits to create killer demonstrations.

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Remember: People buy from people and the most effective sales engineers routinely develop healthy habits to consistently deliver winning demonstrations. See you next week!

See you next week!