What Does it Mean to be SIX HABITS CERTIFIED® 

It means that as a Presales Professional...

You understand and value the PARTNERship with Sales

  • You recognize that Sales is a TEAM Sport
  • You value your sales counterpart for their differences
  • You understand your role and are committed to serve
  • You build trust, show respect, and proactively communicate

You know how and when to PROBE into sales opportunities

  • You understand the important of technical discovery
  • You know what questions to ask and how to ask them
  • You understand that discovery can't interfere with progress
  • You collaborate with sales throughout the discovery process

You PREPARE for meetings with Focus & Intention

  • You lead with the customers' objectives not your product
  • You focus on value & outcomes over features & functions
  • You develop stories making the customer the hero
  • You make the best use of your time - doing more with less

You make PRACTICE Harder than Game Time

  • You have the discipline to practice with consistency
  • You consistently do Dry Runs with other team members 
  • You're willing to hold yourself and others accountable
  • You've learned to give constructive feedback, respectfully

You Consistently and Confidently PERFORM in the Moment

  • You speak with confidence, professionalism, and style
  • You know how to keep your audiences engaged
  • You can navigate difficult situations; handle difficult people
  • You inspire prospects to take action & close more deals

You Continuously Seek to PERFECT Your Craft

  • You've built a feedback loop into your sales process
  • You make EVERY sales engagement a learning opportunity
  • You've learned to accept and admit your mistakes
  • You constantly look for ways to make the TEAM better

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