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1: Becoming a Trusted Partner

Success in software sales requires an effective partnership between sales professionals and sales engineers. To that end, we help your team members gain a better understanding of everyone’s role, discuss the challenges and responsibilities of each role, and clarify – and commit to – expectations. Our programs are designed to elevate the mindset of every individual on the team and equip them with the skills and habits necessary to build trust. And when the trust quotient inside the team increases, we are more likely to become viewed as Trusted Partners by our customers, which ultimately leads to success.


2: Mastering Discovery

A sales process is not about reading a sales script or training the prospect on how to use the product. It's about understanding the unfiltered truth of what the prospect is trying to accomplish. So we teach your sales team how to probe the needs, objectives & expectations of your prospect by asking a series of questions that help them determine what they need to say or show to get the prospect to say YES.


When you position your product as the means to help them get to where they desire the most - the win is yours. 

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3: Preparing as a Whole

It's easy to spend ages preparing a script or demo content that will never become relevant given the time or objective of the meeting. We help make sure your team is prepared a 100% in the relevant areas through teaching them how to leverage story telling in order to wholeheartedly engage the prospect.

And engaged prospect, feels a sense of ownership over the process and buys!

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4: Practicing like a Team

As painfully obvious as this sounds, most sales engineers and sales people struggle when they're in front of the client due to a lack of practice, often leading to an unnecessary flop in the sale. We help sales engineers develop a habit of clicking every click that they would in their demonstration and help sales engineers develop a fluency in their approach, ensuring that they don't get caught off guard with surprises, and when they do, they know what to do about it - creating a rewarding sales experience for everyone!


5: Performing in the Moment

How well your team performs in a demonstration or sales meeting boils down to five things.

  1. How well they know their audience

  2. How engaging they are

  3. The ah-ha moments they can create 

  4. How well they answer questions

  5. How they handle "No"s.


We train your sales teams in how to handle these on their feet through:

  • Result-based selling

  • Choosing who the smartest person in the room should be

  • The art of the Mini-close


Master these best practices and become a rock star!

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6: Perfecting the Journey

No matter how diligent we are with the previous 5 habits, there are going to always be some shortcomings. Continuous improvement is the different between sales teams who thrive and teams who burn out. 

We teach sales teams the perspective on how to pinpoint these shortcomings, constantly improve upon them and make their sales experience irresistible!

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