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1: Becoming a Trusted Partner

Success in software sales requires an effective partnership between sales professionals and sales engineers. To that end, we help your team members gain a better understanding of everyone’s role, discuss the challenges and responsibilities of each role, and clarify – and commit to – expectations. Our programs are designed to elevate the mindset of every individual on the team and equip them with the skills and habits necessary to build receptivity and trust. And when the trust quotient inside the team increases, we are more likely to become viewed as Trusted Partners by our customers, which ultimately leads to success.


2: Mastering Discovery

There's little debate over the importance of Discovery during the sales process.  However, the way in which the sales team engages in Discovery, and their ability to reveal the unfiltered truth is often the difference between success and failure.  When should technical presales be engaged in discovery?  And when they are, do they know how to execute an effective discovery call?  How should sales and presales partner together to get the insight necessary to create and deliver a winning presentation and demo?

In our programs we teach a Discovery Roadmap for both sales and presales.  Both sides will learn how to facilitate an engaging conversation and Take the Triprevealing business drivers and technical subtleties.

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3: Preparing as a Whole

Discovery is intended to equip the team with the information necessary to prepare a compelling, value-based presentation and demo.  But all too often, after discovery, sales and sales engineers disappear into their own lanes, unclear of what the other is preparing and/or expecting of them.  In our team training program, we discuss the prep process as a team and, more importantly, what should be prepared.  We walk the team through the process of creating a compelling story around the demonstration and teach the concept of the MVD - the Minimum Viable Demo.

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4: Practicing like a Team

When the pressure is on and time is short, the first that falls off the table is practice.  As a result, many sales teams struggle in front of the customer because it's the first complete run through of the presentation or demo.

In our team training program not only do we emphasize the importance of Practice, we discuss how to do so.  Sales engineers need to Click Every Click - to ensure the demo is ready.  We give both sides guidance on how to give and receive honest, open, constructive feedback.  We also discuss what to do when things don't go as planned.


5: Performing in the Moment

Regardless of how well we function as a team, execute discovery and prepare in advance, at some point during the sales process, it's time to take the stage and deliver the message to the prospect or client.  How well we perform, when the spotlight's on us, may very well mean the difference between win and lose.  Success and failure.

Certainly the effectiveness of the partnership, the quality of insight and level of preparation makes a difference, but we still have to deliver a compelling, engaging message.​

In this portion of the curriculum, your teams will learn tangible techniques and best practices on how to deliver presentations and demos, built around stories that your clients can relate to, designed to inspire action and close the deal.  It's only what we say, but how we say it that makes the difference.

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6: Perfecting the Journey

No matter how diligent we are with the previous 5 habits, there are going to always be some shortcomings. Continuous improvement is the different between sales teams who thrive and teams who burn out. 

We teach sales teams the perspective on how to pinpoint these shortcomings, constantly improve upon them and make their sales experience irresistible!

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