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Sales Engineers Mastery Course: The Complete Six Habits Online Course

Have you ever given or attended a sales presentation or demo that was an absolute home run? How about one that fell flat on its face?  What’s the difference? What makes one sales demonstration great and another flop? Is it chance or circumstance?  Is it a random game of hit or miss? 
The answer is a resounding NO!  There is a science and an art to delivering a brilliant sales presentation or demo.  It’s a skill that can be practiced and learned.  There are very specific best practices and techniques, that when implemented, will almost guarantee the delivery of a spectacular sales presentation or demo EVERY TIME.

This course is an unapologetic rebuke against boring, ineffective, time wasting sales presentation and demo.  If you are in technical sales, sales engineering or any role that requires you to give presentations to colleagues or customers, this course is for you.  It's not just about delivering a great presentation.  It’s also about being more efficient and effective with your time and that of your prospects and customers.  It’s about being more compelling and convincing – which means selling more, solving more problems and achieving higher customer satisfaction.

In this course you will learn

  • A Framework for delivering brilliant sales demonstrations
  • Tangible steps and techniques you can apply immediately
  • Understanding the ‘Technical Win’
  • How to prepare for a demo the RIGHT way
  • The difference between content and script development
  • The difference between selling TO a prospect vs. WITH 
  • The one moment you MUST have in every demo
  • Presentation and product demonstration best practices
  • WHEN to deliver the home run and how to set it up
  • How to answer questions the right way
  • The power of saying NO