Find Your Roar with Alara Vural

Have you ever struggled to articulate the true value of your product or solution?

For most technical sellers (myself included), I’d venture to say “yes.”

As presales professionals, it’s easy to talk about our products in the context of how we understand them. But we often struggle to talk about our solution in a way that makes sense to our customers and also excites them. 

“Messaging is not just a sales tool, it is a fundamental ingredient of effective communication. And without communication, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is… it’s not gonna sell.”

That’s what Alara Vural told me when I asked her, “Why is this such a problem and why does it matter?”

Alara is one of the foremost experts on architecting messages that resonate with prospects and customers. She helps businesses and professionals “architect a message that’s impossible to misunderstand & irresistible to act on.” I asked her to share some of her insights on how to “find your roar” as she calls it – to talk about your solution in a way that impresses, engages, and inspires.

Let’s start with the challenges surrounding messaging, particularly in sales. 

The main problem when it comes to messaging is that the focus often lands on what you’re selling, i.e. “what’s in the box,” and the technicalities of the product – when really, it should be on making your message both understandable and impactful

Our messaging should be designed to influence people to act. 

To accomplish this, we need to position (whatever it is) in a way that makes it desirable, without falling into one of these common messaging traps:

  • Logical clarity – The message is either too “in the weeds” or too big picture/ too generic. Both of these are problems that make the message confusing. Something doesn’t add up logically. 
  • Emotional disconnect – The message is too dry. It doesn’t matter how technical your product/solution is, emotion plays into the decision that your customer is making. When it comes to decisions, including purchasing decisions, humans make decisions based on their feelings (emotion) and then justify or back them up with intellectual alibis (logic). 
  • Storytelling – The message doesn’t have a story that positions the customer as the hero. It doesn’t flow. 

These are the three biggest challenges that Alara sees when it comes to messaging. 

So with those in mind, how do we find/ create these messages that will resonate with the people we’re trying to reach? How do we make an impact with our messages? 

To “find your roar” and create impactful and understandable messaging,  we basically need to address each of the three challenges listed above. Highlight and build your message around the following:

  1. Emotional connection 
  2. Logical connection
  3. A story 

Remember, impact is a combination of clarity, emotional pull, storytelling and flow. 

If you’re interested in more specifics about how to “turn underwhelming messages into impactful ones” for your business/ individual practice, you won’t want to miss my full interview with Alara

You can also find and connect with Alara on LinkedIn