Demo Psychology 

A collection of blogs and posts by Bill Balnave on everything Presales!

Now THAT was a Good Demo.... or Was It?

“That was an amazing demo! Well done!” If you’re a sales engineer, you’ve probably heard this or something similar and felt that surge of pride. The prospect was positive, and the sales rep with whom you worked is very pleased. She’s sure this will move the sales cycle forward. You attribute your success to the time you spent prepping. You vow to do that...

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Great Demos Do NOT Close Deals

Sorry Sales Engineers of the world. But it’s true, great demos - amazing demo - the best demos.  None of these guarantee a technical win or a closed deal. I know that’s what you’re being told by sales. And some other folks who think they know. They’re wrong. It’s best to admit that now, so you can focus on the right thing.

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Perhaps the Single Best Demo Tip...

There is a lot of advice floating around LinkedIn and the Internet about how to deliver a great solution demonstration. Make sure you tell a story. Start with what your audience thinks is most important. Always talk about value. All good stuff. I’ll reference my own contribution if you haven’t yet seen it — Great Demos Do NOT Close Deals — also not hyperbole...

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Even Hemingway Had Help Telling Stories

It is said that the best solution demonstrations tell a story that touches the audience. If done right, the demo convinces and inspires that audience to examine the solution further and hopefully decide to buy it. Sales engineers, to be effective, need to know how to tell good stories. And the good ones do. And the best ones are particularly good at it.

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