Intro to DemoDoctor Weekly Check-Ups

Jul 28, 2020

Welcome to your Weekly Check-Up with DemoDoctor! 

Have you ever delivered a demonstration that was a total flop? My name is Chris White, the author of Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers and founder of a website dedicated to the growth and development of Sales Engineers and presales professionals.

In This Video:

I introduce you to what DemoDoctor is and what my mission is.

On a Weekly Basis, I Will Be Posting:

- tips, techniques, and best practices - stories from the field

- how to best manage and develop relationships in sales

- how to effectively work with customers in the discovery process

- how to uncover the true needs of a given prospect or organization

- how to effectively prepare for demonstrations and set yourself up for success

- how to effectively perform in front of an audience

DemoDoctor Weekly Check-Ups Are for You If You Are:

-in a sales engineer or solution architecture role

- giving software demonstrations to prospects or customers

- IT professional

- Expert in a technical field and have thought about getting into a presales or sales engineer role People buy from people.


Call to Action/What to Do Next Week:

Learn more at and get a FREE chapter of my Amazon best seller!

The most effective sales engineers routinely develop healthy habits to consistently deliver winning demonstrations. See you next week!