The Future of Sales Engineering

May 31, 2023
The Future of Sales Engineering

What are Sales Engineers?

Sales engineers are an essential part of the tech sales process. They work together with sales representatives to create a cohesive pre-sales consultation process. Their work includes the qualification and closure of deals in the tech sales industry.

Overall, sales engineers are incredibly important as they perform technical discovery, evaluation of technological viability, and risk mitigation. They perform this work by creating and executing prototypes and proofs of concept. Sales engineers are essentially engineers with deep business savvy and exceptional skills at communicating. They know their product and industry, while also knowing how to reach the heart of potential customers and manage sales.


Sales Engineers in Today’s Market

Sales engineers face a number of technological and economical barriers and trends. While there are certainly obstacles against sales engineers, the market is actually forecasted to grow, from $469.8 billion in 2020 to $1,009.8 billion by 2025.

Industry after industry is working behind the scenes in their attempt to overhaul front-end user interfaces and back-end business processes. These efforts will help with the overall sale process, including providing an increase in productivity and efficiency, smoother product development, and a boost in revenue and customer experience.

The tech needed to ensure this trend continues includes design software, IoT solutions, and detailed hardware. These resources make an impact in digital transformation and propel high-tech B2B sales, which is facilitated by sales engineers. As the demand for these resources continues, the need for sales engineers will continue to rise. The expected growth of sales engineers between 2020 and 2030 is 8%.


The Use of Sales Engineers Will Rise

The need for sales engineers continues to grow, with a great deal more joining the industry each year. The up-trend has expanded steadily as companies have gained interest in sales engineers and have opted to try using them.

Some companies have begun to expand their sales engineering departments, furthering the need and demand for more SEs. There are also multiple companies that are hiring sales engineers for the first time.

The demand for sales engineers forecasts a pay increase in the future. While companies continue to utilize the knowledge, skill, and experience of sales engineers, the demand, and the income, will continue to grow.