DD Checkup 4: You Have One Goal

Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to your Weekly Check-Up with DemoDoctor! 

Are you wondering what your one objective is as a technical presales professional? Then this video is for you!

In This Video:

I'm going to teach you about your one goal as a technical presales professional: GET THE TECHNICAL WIN. You'll also learn what not to do during your demonstration that will save you and your prospect time and confusion.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your One Objective:

Am I clear about my one goal as a Sales Engineer?

Call to Action/What to Do Next Week:

Just like the football team that takes a knee at the end of the game, know when you've actually got the win. Sometimes the prospect makes it very clear that they're sold on the solution. They believe in the technology, it's the right fit for them and they're ready to move forward. Yet we may still be in convincing mode, or pitching mode, or selling mode. Know when to take a knee and accept victory.

So, with that I encourage you, going into next week:

Think about any customer engagement, any demo that you've been invited into and remember... OUR ONE GOAL IS TO GET THE TECHNICAL WIN.

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Remember: People buy from people and the most effective sales engineers routinely develop healthy habits to consistently deliver winning demonstrations. See you next week!

See you next week!