Episode 13: The One Percent Difference

Jan 24, 2021

In this week's Check-in with the Doctor I interviewed Steve Bullington.  Steve runs the SCOUT program for Salesforce, an onboarding program for new college hires entering the sales engineer and/or customer service manager role.  I asked Steve if he had ever been on the receiving end of a particularly effective and engaging software demonstration.  And his answer is worth repeating.

He said that they went that extra mile to customize the demonstration to make the platform look like it was already implemented by them.  He said it made him feel what it was like to be “in the driver seat”.  It’s why auto dealers are so eager to get you in the new car for a test drive - to get you to emotionally experience the product.

He said it was “that one percent” that made all the difference.

Click in to hear how eloquently he described the experience.  And the next time you are preparing for a demonstration, ask yourself this one simple question.  What can you do to help your customer imagine what it will actually be like to implement your solution and emotionally experience the benefit?  In many cases, it’s just that one extra ounce of effort that makes all the difference.


Also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ppE9fy5lQJs