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Training for Me

Whether you are a seasoned presales professional looking to sharpen the saw, new to the profession and looking to build your brand, or an aspiring sales engineer looking for your first job, we have numerous training and coaching options for individuals and small teams.


Training for my Team

If you are a sales or presales leader looking for training for your team you've come to the right place.  We offer online and in-person training for groups of 5 to 500.  We work with new SEs and seasoned professionals.  We run training programs for SEs and AEs, customized to your business.


Presales Consulting

Whether you're a startup, in growth mode, or an established brand, your demos need to be crisp, compelling, & convincing.  We are experts in demo design and delivery.  Our demo assessments & design workshops will give you confidence that your product is being presented in it's best light EVERY time.

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Enroll in our FREE Five Days to a BETTER DEMO Program.  Receive a 10-minute instructional video delivered to your inbox for five days and see what our training might mean for you and your team.  

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What Makes Our Programs Unique?

This is PRESALES Training NOT DEMO Training

Traditional sales training doesn't work for sales engineers - it falls on deaf ears.  But demo training doesn't either!  In our programs, your team will develop the professional skills needed for success.

Developing the AE-SE Partnership is our Core

Software sales is a Team Sport.  Our programs are uniquely designed to bring AEs and SEs together in a collaborative learning environment to break down barriers, build trust, and accelerate success.

Our Workshops are Equal Part Training & Team-Building

Our workshops are Engaging and Interactive.  We have mastered both the in-person and online learning experience. Your teams will learn as much from how we run our sessions, as what we have to say.

New to Technical Sales?

What Is Sales Engineering and the Complete Guide to Mastery

Sales jobs are varied and multi-faceted careers that many different people will consider in their lives. However, there are key differences between different types of sales professionals. The types of goods being sold and the amount of technical...

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Technical Sales Engineer Training:

The 4 Skills of Mastery

A good salesperson needs to have an in-depth understanding of the products they are selling in order to succeed. In most cases, learning the ins and outs of a product doesn't require all that much technical expertise. For...

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Who IS Tech Sales Advisors?

Tech Sales Advisors was founded by Chris White, author of the Amazon best-seller The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers.  Formerly operating under the business name Demo Doctor, we changed our name to better reflect the work we do - which is to empower technical sales and presales teams to perform better in the field and achieve greater results through training, coaching, and consulting.  Click the button below to learn more about us and our story.


Our Growing List of Clients Include

Get a Copy of the Book

The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers is the foundation of our curriculum and the programs we run.  Released in 2019, it ranked as an Amazon Best Seller and remains in the Top 25 in Sales and Selling Presentations.  If you haven't read the book, we invite you to order yours now on Amazon - or get a signed copy from the author himself.

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Level Up Your Technical Sales Skills

We invite you to browse our blog hear the latest from some of the brightest minds in the industry, based on the #TechSalesAdvice podcast and LI Live Program.

The Future of Sales Engineering

Effective Collaboration Between Sales Engineers and Sales Reps

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Tech Sales

What does it mean to be

Six Habits Certified

Earning a Six Habits Certification, based on the Amazon best-seller The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, written by our CEO & Founder Chris White, shows that you have the essential knowledge, experience and training to effectively engage with clients to drive...


The Tech Sales Advisors School

Take control of your career and future with these comprehensive courses.

Presales Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of Technical Presales with this introductory course.


Presales Leadership

We offer leadership training programs and workshops for individuals and teams.


Presales Mastery

Learn the skills that will elevate your career and put you in an elite group of presales experts.


Open Enrollment

Join other presales professionals for an instructor-led, open enrollment class.


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